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Although David Joshua Walker grew up in the small town of Belfair, Washington, he never lost hope; He had the ambition to become a successful entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial experience started way back when he was 10 years old, when he designed his first online text based game. With time, the game grew in terms of specifications, as well as membership. In addition, David hired experts to code various sections of the game in an effort to enhance its performance and graphics. This idea formed the basis of his entrepreneurial quest as a technologist.

David’s Life Altering Events

Certain events have helped to shape David’s entrepreneurial and leadership skills. These events have influenced immensely what he has become today. First, graduating from high school imparted him with considerable knowledge to step into the world. Soon after high school, David joined the Marine Corps where he was stationed at Okinawa, Japan. This was a crucial step in his life as it took him to level where responsibility was well inculcated, not only for his own welfare but also for the welfare of others in the society. That is, it helped shape his attitude towards others, taught him the importance of service to the society and perseverance. His time as a Marine has served to develop and strengthen life-enriching values that have really come in handy in David’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Key among them is the tenet to never lie, cheat or steal. With these values, he is able to run his enterprises with utmost honesty and thus gain trust from customers, which translates to high customer attraction and retention. Moreover, he ensures that his clients receive the right quality of products that they desire. These values are not extended to customers alone, but also to every member of the society. David is an American expat that still lives in Okinawa with his family and is presently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at University of Maryland University College, which will definitely enhance his entrepreneurial skills.

Career Objectives of David J. Walker

David’s career objective is to have a secure financial future, and realize multiple opportunities for investing in the society he inhabits. His professional goal is to work hard and tirelessly with a “never say die” attitude, to achieve his career objective optimally. The most significant achievement that David is proud of is the fact that he has built a successful company that employs many people who are in charge of different sections of the his company with great employees. In as much as the company acts as a source of David’s income, it has also created employment for many others, which is a source of fulfillment for David. His joy is to ensure that he create as much employment as possible especially to the youth.


Marine Corps Lt. Gen Chesty Puller

Lt. Gen Lewis “Chesty” Puller

Having a mentor or a role to look up to is highly beneficial for every entrepreneur. As a technologist, David’s role model is Bill Gates who, through innovation and consistency, has maintained the brand image of Microsoft despite the market volatility characterized by less life span of technological ideas and products. Additionally, he does not have the level of education as most of his peers and rivals, yet he is just as successful as them. In leadership, his role model is Lewis “Chesty” Puller who was a successful Lieutenant General of the Marine Corps as evidenced by numerous operations and awards that he won. For instance, between February 16 and August 19, 1930, Puller led five successful operations/engagements against large numbers of bandit forces with superior armory.

The Philosophy of David J. Walker

An entrepreneur must have a philosophy that he rides on when operating his businesses; the philosophy helps the entrepreneur to remain focused on his goals. David’s philosophy has always been never to give up no matter the circumstance, or the position that he finds himself. At times when his businesses are not doing well, this philosophy has enabled him to turn their fortunes around by having faith in what he does. As a result, David focuses on doing things that will assist in improving performance than contemplating on negative aspects. The same attitude enables his employees to keep faith in their duties and this collective effort further improves his firm’s performance.

David’s Past Forming his Future

Further, David’s leadership and entrepreneurial skills were developed by various roles and circumstances that he has been involved with in his childhood, school and post-school life. As a child, he fancied helping his parents in household chores among other duties, which helped to develop his humble demeanor. Such humble approach to life has helped him become affable with his employees, an aspect that has improved their commitment to the firm’s vision. David’s school life enhanced his ability to interact with different people and attitudes. This is crucial when dealing with customers. His time as a Marine has also had a significant impact on these skills. He underwent three months of training aimed at developing leadership skills, followed by a tour of duty in the Marine Corps meant to solidify the impact and outcomes of the training. The training also enhanced his leadership characteristics, offered him soft skills that are necessary to motivate employees in the modern-day work environment. From such experiences, David learned the value of treating people with the utmost respect, a trait that has helped foster better relations with employees and customers at DJW Network, LLC.

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