The Humane Society

Giving Back

As we continue our charitable efforts, we’ve added the The Humane Society of the United States to our list of charities that we support. We find it very fitting to give back to communities and people, but have never taken the approach of giving back to some of our best and neglected friends: animals. [Read more…]

Life Abroad in Japan & Domaining

Life in Japan

I have lived abroad for approximately 8 years in Okinawa. The opportunity of joining the Marine Corps has enabled me to see things I quite possibly would have never known exist, like this very tropical island that is located 400 miles south of mainland Japan. [Read more…]

Semper Fi Fund

On behalf of DJW Network, LLC. Thank You Very Much & our supporters, we have contributed $175 to the Semper Fi Fund for our campaign of Thank You Very Much on Facebook.

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DJW Network, LLC.

David J. Walker has been operating successfully doing freelance work for other clients by implementing his own team and refining their skill set to meet the needs of the customer since the beginning of 2000. Communications weren’t that great at the time with the prime means of communicating being over the telephone, ICQ or AIM. This caused a simple task as creating one logo or graphic take up to a week in some cases.

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