DJW Network, LLC.

David J. Walker has been operating successfully doing freelance work for other clients by implementing his own team and refining their skill set to meet the needs of the customer since the beginning of 2000. Communications weren’t that great at the time with the prime means of communicating being over the telephone, ICQ or AIM. This caused a simple task as creating one logo or graphic take up to a week in some cases.

Let DJW Network Help You Grow

Let DJW Network, LLC. help your company break through the ‘glass ceiling’ for exponential growth on the internet.

Seeing a need for various services from a small target audience, David opened his operations up to the public in January 2013 in order to capture a larger amount. He incorporated his Limited Liability Company as DJW Network, LLC. in the State of Washington. As such, he started employing more freelance workers from the States, Philippines and India to reduce costs at the same time deliver quality products to the many new customers DJW Network has received.

DJW Network has expanded their operations into new areas never before such as cloud, dedicated and managed hosting as well as search engine optimization. Although we’ve done it on a smaller scale, we are capable of delivering quality services in these areas to the mass public. We are very flexible to the customers’ needs and can meet deadlines of small businesses; local or online merchants, to large.

To learn more about our services you are able to read more about them or give us a call at the number listed above. In addition to that, you could use our contact form for a free consultation to see how DJW Network can assist your startup to big business by setting an a good time to for us to discuss your needs in more detail as every project is different.

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