Do you run an e-commerce enterprise? If so, your business outcomes are heavily dependent on the quality, loading speed and accessibility of your website, irrespective of whether you sell products or offer services.

Consequently, every penny spent on a scalable dedicated server equals benefits accrued in terms of higher security, lower maintenance costs and great performance. Earlier, dedicated hosting service used to be viewed as something only big businesses could afford, but this is now beginning to change as the services have become cheaper and accessible to everyone.

“Dedicated Hosting” means having a personal dedicated server with complete access to all resources of the server. Unlike Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, the resources are not shared thus providing consistent high performance to a customer. All resources of the server such as CPU and RAM are available round the clock.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

The greatest benefit of dedicated hosting is that it adds value to your business. In today’s competitive world, where every business is looking for online space, only dedicated hosting services can truly bring your business face to face with the virtual audience. You business gets exposure to the global markets 24 hours a day. In addition to this, your business can enjoy the following advantages too:

  • You get high performance with little or no down time.
  • State of the art security features that are updated regularly, full support for your website and the ability to customize the type of servers you need for your particular business model.
  • With frequent backups comes peace of mind that you’ll never lose any data.
  • A dedicated server also means that without any bandwidth limits your site won’t crash with high traffic.
  • Dedicated servers also mean 100% reliability with technical support at every step.

Why Us?

We provides such dedicated hosting solutions to its clients with assurance of consistent and reliable performance at cost effective prices. This service is ideal for businesses or individuals who run high traffic websites. Till now small businesses and individual website owners have shied away from dedicated hosting because of the high cost involved. We strives to provide the same level of performance and security as enjoyed by big businesses, at cost effective prices.

We provide assured uninterrupted power with 24/7/365 network uptime. We also provide high standard security with built in redundancy in the form of backups and security measures for the data center employees that assures your data won’t be stolen.

All this is provided by us at reasonable prices. If you have a website that attracts high traffic or if it is a major part of your business, then you must go for dedicated hosting solutions to offer the best experience to your customers.

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