Is It Just Me??

Is It Just Me

Is It Just Me

A commonly asked question by many people.

Is It Just Me is a sister site to our Thank You Very Much website with a different theme. IIJM focuses on similarities and differences between people around the world. One person may be asking an off the wall question which you have also thought of, so you can agree with them or it’s never crossed your mind, so simply put: it’s just you.

A Sample Microblog Post of IIJM

A microblog post is a snippet no greater than 300 characters in length including the hashtag at the end. For the instance used on this website, you can see a short  27 word exert on being paranoid while shopping.

Is it just me or do you feel like someone is following you around the store trying to steal the last item for sale from you? #IIJM

The Shopping Experience

We all have experienced that before… you know, going to the discount rack and a 20% digital camera appears, but you ponder on it for about 5 minutes while you look at DVD’s. Next thing you know, that camera was snapped up by someone you recognize purchasing it at the cashier as someone who was following you around the electronics section. So, is it just you? Possibly. With 7 billion people in the world, we share more in common than you think.

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