Life Abroad in Japan & Domaining

Life in Japan

I have lived abroad for approximately 8 years in Okinawa. The opportunity of joining the Marine Corps has enabled me to see things I quite possibly would have never known exist, like this very tropical island that is located 400 miles south of mainland Japan.

The Prefecture of Okinawa

Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa Prefecture, a tropical island located 400 miles south of mainland Japan which has an area of 877 square miles and a population of 1,379,338. Read more about Okinawa on Wikipedia.

Life in Okinawa

As a former Marine serving in Okinawa, Japan, I’ve become comfortable with the living conditions that the capital Naha City has to offer. As of now, I have a great apartment that overlooks the East China Sea and the end of the Naha Airport landing strip. However, I would like to venture further south and away from American culture to experience the real areas Okinawa has to offer.

There are many sights to see if you get out and look. Being stationed over here for my first and last tour of duty, I didn’t see much except the inside of the gates and my barracks as I didn’t travel around, which is one thing that I regret. After leaving the Marines, I’ve explored much more of Okinawa and have many wonderful things to say about it now.


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