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On behalf of DJW Network, LLC. Thank You Very Much & our supporters, we have contributed $175 to the Semper Fi Fund for our campaign of Thank You Very Much on Facebook.

DJW Network, LLC. Supports the Semper Fi Fund

We hope to continue to give to this great organization that helps many families of wonded recover from both their physical and emotional injuries.

DJW Network, LLC. has contributed $175 (1775) to the Semper Fi Fund in the name of everyone who has contributed

The Semper Fi Fund Reaching Out

Learn more about how the Semper Fi Fund got involved helping out the Wright family.

to the expansion of our business. We will continue to enlarge our reach to non-profit organizations that help the wounded, sick and needy as we would like to have a positive social impact as we continue our growth.

Please use our contact page if you are a non-profit organization who is in need of assistance in any way and we will try our hardest through various means to get it to you.

Thank You Very Much,

David Walker,

Chief Executive Manager,

DJW Network, LLC.

Confirmation of Donation to the Semper Fi Fund

Dear David,

On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and most importantly, our injured and critically ill service members and their families, I want to thank you for your generous donation of  $175 on February 11, 2013. We are grateful to you for believing in our mission of “serving those who preserve our freedom”.

With the help of donors nationwide, the Semper Fi Fund has issued more than 50,000 grants to more than 8,800 of our wounded and critically ill service members providing over $70 million in assistance to those who need it most. As medevacs continue to arrive stateside from Afghanistan carrying wounded with multiple amputations and shrapnel injuries and as more service members are diagnosed with the “invisible injuries” of war – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), our caseload remains high.

Your support truly makes a difference in the lives of our service members who have bravely served their country during a critical time in history. We’d like to share with you some of the words of thanks we’ve received from them on your behalf:

I am so humbled once again, I don’t know what to say other than thank you so very much.  My job is still waiting for me back home but of course and unfortunately my leave isn’t paid leave.  My son just got 2 skin grafts yesterday, 1 of them had previously failed and hopefully we will be able to transition him to out patient in a few weeks. Again thanks to all of you so very much words cannot adequately express my gratitude.

When I was down and needed help your organization was there for me. Not only with resources to help pay bills but with someone who cared. I will never be able to fully thank all of you for what you are doing but I want you to know when I wanted to give up on life you showed me there were people who wanted to help and that I was not alone! Now my life has meaning and love. Thank you!!

The funds have allowed me to stay here over the past 6 weeks and provide the assistance needed to my daughter and her family to make it through the transition from inpatient to outpatient.

We received the grant and words cannot explain how grateful we are. Thank you so much for the help now and in the past. Without Semper Fi I do not know where we would be right now.

Our duty is clear, the mission ongoing, and we are forever grateful for your financial support of our veterans and their families. Bless you for embodying Semper Fidelis or “Always Faithful” in helping us to care for our nation’s injured and critically ill heroes.


Karen Guenther/ Founder, President, and CEO

Semper Fi Fund Supporter

Proud Supporter of the Semper Fi Fund

Proud Supporter of the Semper Fi Fund
Donation to Date: $175

Continuing Support

We strive to make a positive social impact in the world by reaching out to military and government charities such as the Semper Fi Fund, Wounded Warrior Project, the USO and donating a portion of our profits to help our American hero’s and their family members.

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