Thank You Very Much

On January 27th, 2013 we officially launched a new brand TYVM and originally planned to use the internet’s most frequent sarcastic acronym as our basis of development. Instead we are making a change to that where the true meaning of TYVM will be Thank You Very Much and from the heart.

This project is close to the founder of DJW Network, LLC. as it is dedicated in the memory of Cory Declue, a one of a kind friend that he will never forget.

Thank You Very Much to our American Heroes! TYVM ( will be donating 10 cents for every approved “thank you” (in any category, anonymously or signing up) to the website and a fraction of a cent for every Facebook fan page like for our grand opening to the Semper Fi Fund. Their mission is to help our wounded warriors as their needs are increasing each day. Share this with your friends to help our American Heroes recover from their injuries and make a difference in someone else’s life. (1/28/2012 – 2/11/2012).

David J. Walker will be making his own personal contribution as well to the Semper Fi Fund at the end of this period on top of the generated funds by people on Facebook.

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