The Humane Society

Giving Back

As we continue our charitable efforts, we’ve added the The Humane Society of the United States to our list of charities that we support. We find it very fitting to give back to communities and people, but have never taken the approach of giving back to some of our best and neglected friends: animals.


This dog has been neglected by its previous owners and awaits adoption. Although adoption may never come, funds are needed to help him survive and live a happier life.

The Humane Society

As people are injured, they need treatment and care. This was our first alliance with the Semper Fi Fund with David J. Walker being a former Marine. During his service, he’s seen people wounded and in need of assistance. Now that he is in a position to do so, he provides contributions to the Semper Fi Fund in order for them to continue their operations.

Our Decision Behind This

However, it was this video of a returning soldier that drew attention to the fact that animals have feelings as well as humans. Since seeing this video, DJW Network, LLC. has added The Humane Society to our list of charities to donate to.

Giving Back to Others

Are you a a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in need of assistance? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly by giving us a call or using our contact form. We would be happy to add you to our list of NPO’s to donate to on a regular basis. We could also provide you with services such as our clients to help you gain more recognition for your cause to assist getting more donations to you from around the world.

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