Web Development

Having a duly-designed customized website is a must for companies that wish to be engaged in online business. The website can be taken as the face of the business owner in the cyber world and therefore, it is essential that the website is nicely designed, has relevant content and it should be able to retain the prospective customer’s attention ultimately leading him or her to buy the advertised product or service.

We provide technical and creative services and provide solutions in the area of website design, e commerce solutions, customized web applications, creative writing services and remote infrastructure management. We follow the practice of well defined documentation before taking up any project to avoid any complications later on. With our team of expert and highly trained personnel, we assure customized solutions for application development. Here is a brief overview of the services that we provide:

Website Design Services

Primarily, we offer website design services where our team of professionals provide an ideal design that suits the business needs of the clients. The design is created after a careful analysis of the business, its requirement, the audience to which the business caters and the market in general, with an aim to reach maximum customers. When designing a website, we emphasize on using the most popular and the best techniques of website designing. We incorporate Search Engine Optimization techniques so that the website is ranked higher in the search engine rankings. We design corporate websites, flash banners, animations, newsletters, e catalogs and online brochures.

Web Application Development

No matter what the domain of our client, we provide the best of design using simple as well as complicated solutions. The projects that have been successfully completed by our talented and experienced web design team include portals that have customized e-commerce applications, Content Management Systems (CMS), interfaces for offline applications, web extensions, sales management, customer relationship management and tracking tools that help our clients stay ahead of their competitors.

eCommerce and CMS Integration

We provide e commerce solutions to small and medium business owners that are looking for convenient solutions to manage their websites. Catering to such businesses, we integrate shopping carts and Open Source Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Joomla depending upon your requirements. We assure that your websites are not only customized as per your requirements but carry a professional look and feel.

In addition to providing the website design services, we provide documentation and training to our clients so that they may manage their websites easily. The task is made easier by providing a secure backend that lets the clients manage the content with regard to product details, company profile, pricing and other such things. The tools that simplify the payment gateways are incorporated as per the choice of the client.